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District IV Honor Band audition material


District IV Honor Band Association Handbook in Adobe format


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All State Tryout Information


          Instrumental first round will be held at the LSU School of Music on Saturday, September 26th beginning at 8:30 AM.  Registration begins at 8:00.   You must pre-register to tryout.  Band directors should download and print out the form that is on this page and mail to;

Richard Bresowar

PO Box 58

Gonzales, LA 70707-0058

by September 18th  with $10.00 per student, check to be made out to LMEA.

You may also bring the form to the Meeting on September 21st at DMS at 6:30 PM.


New this year, you must also send in a completed release form for each student auditioning.  I have to get this before the student can audition at first round. 


Student Release form


Instrumental Registration form in Word


Instrumental Registration form in pdf


All state audition music as well as district audition music  this link thanks to St. Amant High School Band


VOCAL First Round Information: Here is the registration form for Vocal First Round.  For this please send checks and forms to Steve Galliano and make checks payable to District IV CDA. Vocal first round is not an LMEA event.


          Second Round will be held for Vocal and Instrumental on October 10th at Lafayette High. Second round fees are now included in the first round fee.  We will post first round results at the tryout site that day and on this website later in the evening.