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Large Ensemble Festival information: 

         Instrumental Large Ensemble MPA will be held as follows: Middle School ensembles will be on March 16-17 at Zachary High School. High School will be March 14-15 also at Zachary High School.  Multi District Orchestra MPA will be March 13 at Baton Rouge High. Groups may select a performance date within those restrictions.  Example, if you are a middle school you may request and get either March 16 or 17. High Schools may request either March 14 or 15.  All Orchestras will be scheduled on March 13.  Requests for time will not be honored, so don’t ask. Postmark deadline for entry for instrumental will be 1/30/2017.

         Be aware that the minimum entry fee is $150.00 by LMEA rule.  Also, every group must pay $20.00 for recording fee, so the effective minimum is $170.00 per group.

         Vocal Large Ensemble Festival will be at First Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, LA on March 14-16, 2016. Dana Lux will be chairperson.  Vocal ensembles may request any of the three days and this request will be granted.  Some accommodations will be made in the case of one director with several ensembles. Postmark deadline for entry for Vocal is 1/30/2016.

         The festival schedule will be posted online.  Please check the website for your festival information.  You still need to mail your entry form and check and please send them to my PO Box address which is listed below. All checks should be made to LMEA and should be school checks.

         I have placed the entry form on this page for you to download and print out.  All Vocal and Instrumental Large Ensembles must add $20.00 per group for recording fee.   Make the check out to LMEA District IV. Be aware that you are responsible for knowing what you are required to do under the rules.  The LMEA handbook is online at the LMEA website. Follow the link to the left to go there.


Large Ensemble entry form in Word


Large Ensemble entry form in pdf


Please submit all forms and checks for Instrumental and Vocal  Large Ensemble Festival to:


Richard Bresowar

LMEA District IV

PO Box 58

Gonzales, LA 70707-0058