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Why should your child participate? 


  • They will have the opportunity to learn to play a band instrument proficiently, learn about the rich musical heritage of our country, be introduced to other languages and become more musically and culturally literate.  


  • Studies have shown that students who study instrumental music perform better in academic classes and on standardized tests since participation in music develops higher brain functions that are responsible for math and language.  It’s a fun exercise for your brain and studying music makes you smarter!


  • Your child will participate fully, all the time, in a positive learning environment where they will have the opportunity to reach their musical potential, develop self-discipline, self-control, goal setting, positive teamwork, and achieve outstanding personal fulfillment!


  • Music is a very positive social experience and students in music form life-long friendships with each other.  It’s a place where they can belong while doing something meaningful.  It also makes the transition to high school much easier as they start 9th grade with 100 friends from before the first day of school.


Everyone is welcome to join and no prior musical experience is required or needed! Students can be in music and still participate in athletics and other clubs and a high percentage of our students make the honor roll every year.


Once students are enrolled in band, I will have them try the instruments to see which one fits them best in the fall. They will need an instrument and the average rental price is $35 per month*, so you have little to lose by having your child try the band program and so much to gain.  Instruments such as Tuba, Bassoon, (French) Horn and Baritone/Euphonium are provided at a very nominal fee by the band. You never know - your child may be one of the ones who make All-State or goes on to have a career in music.  Even if they do not choose music as a career, music is something they can do to enrich the rest of their lives. Please let me know if you have any questions! And if finances are the only issue keeping them from participating, please don’t hesitate to contact me as well.

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